We are the Meyer family and  the land we farm in Milwaukie Oregon has been family owned for over seventy years.  Four generations have called this property home.  Each generation has had their own vision of how the land could fulfill their passions.  Bruno and Veda Schroeder purchased the homestead in the 1930's in an effort to raise their boys out in the country.  They planted flower gardens, raised livestock, and sold  u-pick raspberries.   It was their idea of paradise.  

Many years later the land was passed to their son Bruce whose passion was aviation.  He promptly dug out the raspberries and gardens to put in a private landing strip. The land became  his idea of paradise. 

Currently  part of the original homestead is being used by the Meyer family to grow several varieties of peonies.  Marian Schroeder Meyer has a passion for peonies!  A passion that was passed down to her by her grandfather, Bruno.  Seeing the fields of peonies bloom every spring is her vision of paradise. 
The Meyer family is committed to providing  quality local cut flowers to their Portland, Oregon area customers. We believe that a reputation as honest and reliable growers is the recipe for success.
    For more information on how to order cut flowers  call (971) 227-7437.

 The Peony Place

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